Oct 18, 2010


This is what we learned during KOS 1110 class. You can find extra information here.

This is the XML tree:

This is the XML syntax:

This is the XML table:

Molecular mechanic
Semi empirical
Ab initio
Very fast speed
fast speed
Slow speed
Parameter restriction
Good accuracy
very good accuracy

Oct 12, 2010

Protein Data bank/RasMol

This post is about using pdb (protein data bank) which contains information regarding structures of protein, nucleic acid, and complex assemblies. Then, I use another software called RasMol in order to view the structure in 3D. We can actually view the structure in different type of display and colour depending on what we want to focus about.

Here is the example of a protein structure:

Oct 11, 2010


For the next post, we learned about SMILE which stands for Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Systems. SMILES is another way on how to represent the atoms of a molecule in a simple way.

Two examples of structures with its SMILE notation:


We learn how to draw graph using excel.

Using Excel to draw linear graph (straight line)

Using Excel to draw polynomial graph


For this post, these are some examples of drawing that I made using Chemsketch.

Energy reaction diagram


Vacuum distillation apparatus

Lipid diagram