Oct 18, 2010


This is what we learned during KOS 1110 class. You can find extra information here.

This is the XML tree:

This is the XML syntax:

This is the XML table:

Molecular mechanic
Semi empirical
Ab initio
Very fast speed
fast speed
Slow speed
Parameter restriction
Good accuracy
very good accuracy

Oct 12, 2010

Protein Data bank/RasMol

This post is about using pdb (protein data bank) which contains information regarding structures of protein, nucleic acid, and complex assemblies. Then, I use another software called RasMol in order to view the structure in 3D. We can actually view the structure in different type of display and colour depending on what we want to focus about.

Here is the example of a protein structure:

Oct 11, 2010


For the next post, we learned about SMILE which stands for Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Systems. SMILES is another way on how to represent the atoms of a molecule in a simple way.

Two examples of structures with its SMILE notation:


We learn how to draw graph using excel.

Using Excel to draw linear graph (straight line)

Using Excel to draw polynomial graph


For this post, these are some examples of drawing that I made using Chemsketch.

Energy reaction diagram


Vacuum distillation apparatus

Lipid diagram

Sep 20, 2010



For this post, I have to tell about Maple...not maple syrup disease or maple syrup that we eat with the pancake..but it is a math and engineering software that is an essential tool for mathematics and modelling...

Actually, I don't want to talk about the software but my experience in learning the Maple...For those who want to know some basic thing about this software, you can go to this website.

These are some of the snapshots about maple:

Maple interface

Maple interface

For me, learning Maple is like learning HTML...we have to remember the command and do a lot of exercise to get used to it...only then we can master the Maple..

Some of the command in maple are:

Command Description
evalf evaluate using floating-point arithmetic
exp evaluate using floating-point arithmetic
eval evaluation
restart clear internal memory

Thank you for reading...

Dec 14, 2009

JoURneY of mY LiFe...

Journey of My life..hmm, what will I tell you about this long journey? Maybe I should start with the date right..11 August 1988 at Banting,Selangor..The day I was born, I already have one sister and one brother..So,I become the youngest son in my family..Yahooo!!
Banting Hospital where I was born...

Year One - Year Five

  • I learn how to walk, talk, eat, and cry..Crying is also something that you need to learn..huhu
  • Always quarrel with my brother, whatever things that he bought, I want it too..(shirt,cap,slipper,toys especially)
  • At 5, I attended my first kindergarten at Butterworth, Penang (Nakesh Kindergarten)..
  • Every night, my mom would tell bedtime stories to us..I missed the moment very much..She will hug us and pray for us (mom,i love you very much)
  • I took supplement which is really good..Scott's Emulsion..It taste really good, I bet everybody have taste it right..haha

Year Six - Year Twelve

  • I attend primary school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bagan Jermal, Butterworth until standard 3, then we move to KL and I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Menjalara, Kepong, KL..
  • First time I experienced the feel of interest to opposite gender at standard 6..(I wonder what is she doing now..hehe)
  • First big exam in my life,UPSR, and I passed it with flying colours..Alhamdulillah..
  • I'am a kind of shy and quiet person during primary school..
  • I play video game (SEGA) a lot with my brother..Sometimes,we even quarrel because he beats me in the Street Fighter game..

Year Thirteen - Year Seventeen

The memory of SMAKL
  • I got the chance to pursue my study at Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur (SMAKL)..I can say that this was the precious time ever in my life..
  • I experienced the meaning of the word 'ragging' in boarding school..wash cloth, massage the seniors and much more..huh, eventhough it is somehow troublesome but it is a good experience for me..Then, I did the same to my juniors..haha, payback time..
  • I learn how to live on my own and manage myself without my parents around..At first, it was hard but as time goes by,this is just a small matter..Just follow the flow of life right..
  • I've had foster sister during Form 3 and eventually she became my close friend and so called 'partner'..we share stories, joy and happiness together..we even chat on the phone for hours..huhu
  • I've been appointed as the prefect during Form 3..I thought it was easy but it is not..I'am a bit naughty and I can't even advise and guide my friends because I'am also like them..I try my best but it get worst when I also join them sneak out at night and went to the cybercafe..Unfortunately,somebody caught us and we've been called by the Penolong Kanan HEP..We've been public canned and I've been dropped from the prefect..Pity me..It was a very stressful week because I have to see counselor and the disciplinary teacher everyday..And this incident really hurts my mom's and she cried badly because of this..The moment is still fresh in my memory and I would never ever forget this..(mom, I am so sorry..Please guide me to present so I won't lost in the future..amiin)
  • Alhamdulillah,I passed the PMR with 9A's and I decided to stay at SMAKL..My journey here is not yet finish..
  • Form 4,I am very active in the Police Cadet..My friends and I got the chance to represent Kuala Lumpur in the National Police Cadet Camping in Terengganu..It was a good experience and I met a lot of new friends..

  • I met with a girl who is pretty, nice, and supportive..I can say it is love at first sight..or maybe just puppy love that everyone experienced..haha..But, what I am sure is that she gives me courage and inspiration to go to school everyday (positive effect right)..She taught me that life is sharing with others what we have and not to be sellfish..Oops,am I sellfish??
  • I became 'Tok Jogho' in my dikir barat team (Dikir Barat Sri Mayang)..I love dikir barat songs and we perform during special occasions at school: Teacher's Day, Independence Day and etc.
  • I am the captain for my Police Cadet in 2004..I got the title Sergeant from the IPK KL..We entered Pertandingan Kawad Kaki and we managed to reach the National level which was held at Melaka..I really enjoyed this and it taught me how to become a good leader and ensure that we worked as a team..
  • SPM..I still remember my batch have to adjourn the examination because of Eid celebration..So,that year's Eid was like nothing to us..Fortunately, I obtained good results and I am very happy because now my mom cry because of happiness..Thank God
  • While waiting for the SPM's result, I work as a part time crew at A&W Restaurant in One Utama..New experience, new friends, and new 'inspiration' in my life..haha

Year Eighteen - Present
  • Pursue my study in IIUM..2 years in matriculation centre at Petaling Jaya and now at Kuantan campus..Taking biomedical science (Industrial Health concentration)..Currently in my final year and really busy with the final year project..Antioxidant activities of Calophyllum canum..(Huh, what is this calophyllum thing?? It is a plant and google it for more information then...huhu)
  • Suddenly, I become very interested in outdoor activities..Trekking, hiking, wall climbing, paintball..As long as it is an adventurous activity, I'll join..My aim is not just to enjoy these activities, but equipped myself with some skills course for every activities and hopefully I can achieve that before graduating..
  • I've done a big mistake in my life and it becomes the turning point to what I am now..What I can say is that appreciate everybody around you especially your parents..Every single steps you take now can create a big difference later in your life..Minimise your mistakes but don't ever repeat the same mistakes again..Fear of God and Hope of His Blessing are two main keys that you should incorprate in every actions..Insya-Allah,u will become a good servant of Him..